Company Overview
NaSys Inc. stands for Native Systems Incorporated and was established in 2006.

NaSys began as the designated developer for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and LG Electronics Co., Ltd.
Since 2009, NaSys has expanded into development, manufacturing, sales and export.

In addition, NaSys has focused on developing premium quality head-end and state of the art broadcasting devices and we are a leader in the Digital Multi Media sector.

The high tech devices developed by NaSys have been provided to the majority of broadcasting equipment makers in Korea. As a result, NaSys enjoys a high market share in the digital broadcast market in Korea.

The business strategy of NaSys is not independent growth but synergetic mutual cooperation with partners. We do believe that such mutual cooperation with partners contributes to maximizing profits in the market.

NaSys intends to be an enterprise that positively affects human life by developing and sharing essential expertise in the digital broadcasting field and plans to remain on the cutting edge of new technology for the digital age.